Novaran-Archelonian War of Succession

Kingdom Hearts: Marche au Supplice

The Battle of Nièvre
Start Date:22 May 23290 End Date:19 September 23294
Location: Novaran-Archelonian Acadia (Acadia Region, Realm of Light) & The United Kingdom of Novara & Archelona (Europa Region, Realm of Light)
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House of Lancastria (under Henry)

Kingdom of Leon

House of Lancastria (under Charles)

Kingdom of Kalmar
Duchy of Azuria

Henry IX

Baudouin de Guines, Duc de Guines
Eléonore de Mauléon, Duchesse de Rennea
Bertrand de Narbonne
Bohemond de Narbonne
Hamelin I de Bissy, Comte de Murcia

Charles VIII

Hugues de Sémur, Comte de Macon
Boson de Nîmes
Mathieu de Cluny
Savary de Brindas
Orson de Qula
Cardinal Sissinius II

214,000,000 52,000,000
44,860,000 21,000,000

The Novaran-Archelonian War of Succession, also known as the War of the Fleurs. was a major military conflict depicted in Kingdom Hearts: Marche au Supplice. The war was fought between twin brothers over the right to suceed his father, Edward VI to the throne of the United Kingdom of Novara & Archelonia . On one side was the deeply religious Henry and his supporters, and on the other side was the liberal Charles and his supporters. The Church of Novara also took interest in the conflict, though had supported each of the brothers in the battle, whilst competing through its own agenda.

Background to War

The United Kingdom of Novara and Archelonia was one of the high-rising powers of its day. Dominating the southern half of the Realm of Light, it was considered to be a rival to the universal superpower, the Haos Republic due to it's large power projection and the large number of colonies that the Haos Republic lacked.

The monarchy was itself gaining in popularity, especially through the person of Edward VI. Edward VI, nicknamed "Le Rei-Soeil" or the Sun King, was known for securing the Dual Monarchy's role as the undisputed dominant power in the Europa Region. However, he had unintentionally left his line of succession unsecure, as he would become the father of twin sons, Prince Henry and Prince Charles. The issues between ambitious and power-hungry nobles, and clergy prevented any chance of naming a successor that would make both sides happy. Soon, Edward VI would die in 23288 EUC. Henry's supporters would secure the throne via a coup and successfully install Henry to the throne, forcing Charles and his supporters to flee the capital for the colonies.

Upon arriving in Acadia, Charles began building up supporters from all over the region, looking to consolidate his foothold. Attempts to prevent this rise to power by his twin brother failed, largely due to the plots and counterplots of the Church of Novara, who sought to replace the nobles with their influence in the Kingdom, and indirectly began supporting both brothers in order to achieve this through their representatives.

Two years after Charles' self exile to the Acadian Colonial capital world, Saint-Alexandre. Charles would gather enough supporters and soldiers to move to overthrow the established colonial government. It would be at the Palace of Saint Alexander that the Prince would proudly proclaim himself "the rightful King of the two thrones." This event, dated on 22 May 23290, would officially start the War of Succession.

The War

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