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Norrin Quill
Type Nobody
Role Antagonist
Age Unknown (supposedly, very old)
Home World Blacklight City
Attribute Darkness, Light, Nil
Status Alive
Norrin Quill is a major antagonist, set to appear in Kingdom Hearts: Soul Story. He is the president of Knightro Bio-Genetic Labs Inc. A wicked man with a terrible hunger for power, he seeks to unlock the ultimate secret: the inner workings of the heart. His front as a scientist hides his desire to bend both light and darkness to his will. He is also the Leader of The Nothing, as he is secretly a Nobody.



Quill was once a wealthy buisness man, obbsessed with Bio-genetics. His company, Knightro Inc., became very huge and conducted interesting genetic experiments. Their "greatest experiment", TEST 12, was conducted on Knightro scientist, Argus Soul. However the experiment backfired, causing Argus, as well as his newborn son, Aros (who was concieved soon after TEST 12 was conducted), to mutate. Angry, Argus complained to Quill about the matter. Quill, fearing that Argus would reaveal to the world that Knightro had failed, called in several scientists to escort Argus downstairs for reasoning. Argus struggled away, mistakingly killing a fellow scientist with his newly-mutated claw. In fear, Argus fled the building, only to be pursued by the Knightro security guards. Quill and the guards later found Argus, fleeing the city with his family. Quill explained to Argus that they would keep his wife, Lily, alive. However, Argus and his son would have to be "desposed" of, being living proof of the failed experiment. Argus and his family then escaped into a "dark portal" before the guards could shoot.

Norrin Quill spent the rest of his life in shame. However, his shame began to sow seeds of darkness in his heart. So great did his darkness grow, that he was overtaken and transformed into a Heartless. The Heartless joined the ranks of a greater force, but his body lingered behind.

Quill awoke as a Nobody. This lifeless shell only remembered two things; his love of knowledge and his hatred toward Argus Soul. As a Nobody, Quill heard tales of a place where the secrets of the heart could be revealed, a place called Kingdom Hearts. Quill's greedy Nobody thirsted for this knowledge. Soon, Kingdom Hearts had become his new obsession.

Kingdom Hearts: Soul Story



Quill appears as a stout, bald-headed man. He is usually dressed in a grey, collared shirt underneath his white lab coat. His great belly can lead others to mistake his brute strength.

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