Kana ノカマ
Origin Bionicle (2001)
Type Matoran(initially)
Toa(2004-05 storyline, Bionic Fantasy)
Turaga(2001 storyline-present)
Role Heroine
Gender Female
Alignment Toa Metru
Home World Ga-Metru
Other residences Metru Nui
Weapon Hydro Blades
Attribute Water
Status Alive
English Voice Tabitha St. Germain (Toa(Bionicle 2 & 3))
Laura Bailey (Toa(Bionic Fantasy))
Japanese Voice Takao Honda

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Nokama is the Toa Metru of Water.


Ever since her beginnings as a teacher in Ga-Metru, Nokama has always been very wise and logical, acting as the voice of reason among her fellow Toa, and listening to every side of a story before making a conclusion. She is in very good relations with Vakama(especially since she was the only one who believed in him and his "strange" visions in the first place), Matau(despite his vanity and occasional recklessness), and Tidus(who actually enjoyed listening to her teachings about the BIONICLE lore, shares her affinity with water, and even reminds her of Matau).


  • Some of the Toa Luminus mispronounce her name as "nakama(仲間)", which is "friend" in japanese, yet she always takes this pun in good stride, as if she automatically knows the meaning of the word.
  • Nokama is the second character to call Sin by it's Japanese pronunciation in the English voice track, after Cid from Final Fantasy X.
  • Her seiyuu also voices Shiva in the Japanese language track for World of Final Fantasy[1].

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