Noia Exercir
M Noia
Kana ノイア・エックサーサー
Alias Noia
Type Soulless
Role Protaganist
Pact Wielder
Age 6 (OPA)
7 (LiB)
16 (RoI)
Home World Hometown
Weapon Gears of Fate
Attribute Electronics
"A soul in chaos, have sins incurred in a previous life have guaranteed her a future of absolute isolation?"

Noia Exercir is a character in Kingdom Hearts: Amelioratory Benevolence. She is a Pact Wielder, only playable in the third arc, Resurrection of Innocence.



Noia is short, with thick, spiky, shoulder length green hair that partially obscures her face. She wears a black military-style jacket with purple trim open with a light blue camisole underneath, a light gray and dark gray scarf, red and white plaid shorts, blue and gold thigh-highs, and black leather boots, as five different colored ribbons. Around her neck she wears a pendant filled with a blue fire, her soul. Her eyes are completely blank, a side effect of her soul being housed outside of her body.


Originally extremely self-conscious and depression-ridden, before the beginning of her story Noia manages a complete turnaround in personality. After she was granted her second chance, she promised to live life to the fullest, and so she does. Spunky and mischievous, she dresses to stand out even though she can't due to her condition. She uses this condition to her advantage, getting away with things normal people usually couldn't. Still, she'll always fight to the fullest for those ideals she believes in, including the enormous burden that has been placed on her shoulders. A natural rogue, she has acute problem-solving skills and skill with technology, not to mention a near-consistent optimistic outlook on any given situation. The only exception is when she thinks about her past.



  • Noia's reflected real-world nationality is Catalan.

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