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Origin Kingdom Hearts: Shadows of The Past
Type Kage-Shin
Role Antagonist/Assassin
Weapon Katana blades
Attribute Darkness

Nocturnus Olfraang is a Kage-Shin assassin who serves as one of Xanobass' spies within the army. 


Nocturnus is a physical build male with long white hair and pale purple skin. Clad in light armor, shoulder pads on his shoulders with fish-nets around his upper arms and wears a helmet to conceal his face with four red eyes on his face mask. A black grab around his waist and chains attached to them.


Usually less talkative and hardly shown much expression, very calm and relax in most situations no matter how hard he would be insulted. Has a cold personality and cares little of who he kills that isnt one of his own race. Calculative and intelligence are considered the importance by his statement, when in combat to learn his opponants' strength and weakpoint. 


Noctunus, at some point in his prior life had his heart consumed with darkness and had been a Heartless for sometime until later he evolved into a Kage-Shin.

Chosen as an intelligence gatherer and spy by the Kage-Shin Acolyte Xanobass to know more about the Keyblade Wielders, following Shogonaut to Destiny Islands and witnessed the Primal's defeat by the Keyblade Master Tenshan.


Nocturnus' true form

Wielding two katana swords strapped to his back. Each is different to one another by the color of the hilt; while on isgrey and the other is black, the blades are usually silver with a black highlight.

  • Release Form: In his release form, Nocturnus increases his size and grown more organic armor allover his torso, arms and his helmet fused with a more organic feature. His legs are fused together in a long black tail wich would eventually form a scythe at the end of his tail. In between lower torso and the tail section is an orb. In this form Nocturnus' arms would sprout sharp blades from his wrists to the elbows, as well as the appendages near his nec and around the waist.


He is incredibly skilled in the art of swordsmanship and dueling skills. With the abilities he obtained would add to his stamina, strength, speed and agility. As  Kage-Shin, Nocturnus has the powers of the heartless and able to travel between worlds through inter-dimensional corridors. 


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