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Nobody PCs
The Nobody PC insignia.
Name Nobody PCs
Members Indefinite (At least 6 human forms)
Role Antagonist
Story Kingdom Hearts: Arcana

Nobody PCs are special Nobodies found in Kingdom Hearts: Arcana. They only appear in the Gathering of the Unwilling story arc.


Nobody PCs are exclusively found in The World R:2. During the AIDA Incident, AIDA infected several PCs, leaving their players unconscious. AIDA being born from darkness, Nobodies were created. The Nobody PCs only come about when the infected PC has been purged of the virus. Additionally, if a PC is attacked by an AIDA-PC, the attacked PC will also yield a Nobody PC.

Common Nobody PCs

Nobody PCs take on a form depending on their PC's Job Class;

Human-form Nobody PCs

Only six AIDA-infected PCs yielded human-form Nobody PCs - all of them Epitaph Users. This is due to the strong heart and will required to wield an Epitaph.

  1. Voxan
  2. Kelx
  3. Rexkio
  4. Riixo
  5. Lixota
  6. Ryxou
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