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Nobodies of Darkness
Nobodies of Darkness.jpg
Name Nobodies of Darkness
Role Enemy
Story Kingdom Hearts The Data Book

Nobodies of Darkness is an organization in Kingdom Hearts The Data Book.


The Data book

After Wolf wakes up, he finds the group of Nobodies and joins them. All is fine, until Alex Wolf comes. When he does, the group is attacked by Heartless. After a battle, the Heartless win, or so we think they beat the Heartless and leave the Data Book afterward..

Other World

After Wolf wakes up, he goes on a mission with Jack. After beating the mission, Jack attacks him. While he wins the fight, Jack still tries to get rid of Wolf, but Ruby intervenes and stops him. After winning with some help, Ruby and Wolf leave with there new friend. After coming back to help out Shemhazai, Dog and Jack attack Wolf and Ruby. Alex and Shemhazai get there in time to stop them, but before they can leave, Bone and Jewel get there. After warping to the roof, Death Aelx stabs Shemhazai. After Wolf and the other Wolf fight, Death summons the group's leader, and stabs him, leaving him for dead. After both Wolfs try to attack Death, they fail, and he stabs both of them and leaves them there. Where he and Jack and Dog warp .


Members list

Leaders are

Former members


Former members

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