The Njord-class Heavy Command Cruiser, alternatively designated as the Njord-class Carrier, was a series of capital ship models fielded by the Imperial Lucidian Navy over the course of the first and second century DC.

The Njord-class was envisioned in the 50's DC as a complement to the Realm of Light's Kingfisher & Intrepid-class Heavy Command Cruisers , and the first of its class, the first Njord-class was laid down by Blohm und Voss in 57 DC, Although unable to inspire Lucidia's future carrier designs, the Njord-class were sufficiently competent even in the face of newer models such as the Baldr & Unterwerfer-class Heavy Command Cruiser. Perhaps due to its age, at least one Njord-class took part in the Eastern front against the Jovian Confederation and the Kingdom of Gebetia during the Lucidian Wars of Expansion, and all three ships of its class took part in the Lucidian War, where they held their own in the face of newer ships until their air wings were overpowered and the lack of modern CIWS systems forced them to rely on escort ships for anti-missile defense. 

Despite the Njord's weakness, one of its ships survived in continuous service as part of the General Resource Defense Force for COIN (Counter-Insurgency) operations.

List of Njord-class Heavy Command Cruisers

-SMS Njord (Destroyed during the Battle of Futuro Canal during the Lucidian War, 94 DC)

-SMS Týr (Destroyed during the Battle of Lake Harwood during the Lucidian War, 94 DC)

-SMS Freyr (Captured by Haosian forces in the Battle of Anfang during the Lucidian War, eventually sold to the GRDF and recomissioned the GRNS Reliant in 115 DC)

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