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Nina Cortex
Nina Cortex
Origin Crash Bandicoot: Twinsanity
Type Human
Role Neutral
Age 16
Home World Fifth Hope
Family Dr. Neo Cortex
Weapon Bionic Hands
Attribute Sadness
Status Alive

Nina Cortex is a neutral character in Kingdom Hearts: Foul Remembrance. She appears along with Coco Bandicoot as the Crash characters.

Journal Entries


Crash Bandicoot

"A troubled teenager whose home was taken away. She is a childhood friend of Xerena and Zaxer's. She says that she's looking for someone, but who could it be? As something to remember her by, she gave a crystalized tear that came from a monster on her home planet."


Nina has blue skin and a bright red "n" on her forehead, showing that she is part of the Cortex family. Her eyes are very dark royal blue, so dark that they seem black. Her hair is jet black and comes to about mid-back. A pin with an electric purple jewel in the middle pulls some hair away from her face. She wears a billowing purple scarf around her neck. Her shirt is a short, black schoolgirl blouse that has a red tie on it. Her skirt is an electric and dark purple ruffled skirt that has black on it. A black belt holds it up. Her shoes are black Doc Marten's-style boots that come just below the knee.







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