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Kana ニーナ
Type Being of Alex
Role Ally
Age 10
Attribute Light
Status Alive


One day Nina is walking into town when she meets Alex she asks him for candy after he gives her some she leaves. The next day Alex goes into town he founds Nina with a hurt leg after healing her leg Alex goes into town to get some food when he comes back Nina is gone. Alex comes back the next day with food after giving her some food she runs off Alex follows her and when she gets to her home she gives the food Alex gave her to her friend Chloe. Alex then finds out that they have no home Alex then takes them home and gives them food and heals them.


Nina is very nice and likes sweets. She does like Alex somewhat as he is the first person to help her.


Nina has brown hair and Brown eyes. She wears a blue Skirt and Red shirt.

Fighting style

Nina Fights with her Lance of Holy Light. She also uses other Holy attacks. Like Holy beam of Light and Holy Sword of light. Nina/Abilities For more on Her Abilities.

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