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SoM Nexus.png
Type Nobody
Role Keybearer
Home World Unknown
Weapon Angel's Wisdom
Demon's Valor
Attribute Light
Status Alive

Nexus is a main character that appears in Kingdom Hearts Symphony of Memories. He is the Nobody of Suné, and is Number VIII in Shadow VIII.


Nexus's design was taken from Roxas, though there are some changes. As Suné's Nobody, Nexus's facial features closely resembles his. Like Roxas, Nexus have blonde spiky hair as opposed to Suné's brown hair and wore the Black Coat like him.


  • Suné? No, who was he?
  • Both our memories have been forgotten. But if one of us disappear, maybe they'll come back!



  • It is unknown if Nexus's rank will stay as it is, due to Shadow VIII creation. He is Number VIII because it is WingBlade's favorite number.
  • Like Vanitas, Nexus becomes a D-Link only for Sune's final battle. The only difference is that Nexus isn't the enemy instead he is a party member and the D-Link can be upgraded to Lv.2.