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The insignia of NOoN, the New Organization of Nobodies

NOoN (The New Organization of Nobodies) is a group of Nobodies in Kingdom Hearts role-play fandom, who were originally called Naught's Return. The main goal of this group is to create a civilized world where Nobodies can live in peace, away from the harm of humans and Keyblade Weilders. Their base is stationed on the war-torn world of Iosrea. The group is currently lead by Golnax.


Roots of NOoN can be traced to when Golnax (as Carsixus) and Xoreram travelling the worlds as Naught's Return. When Carsixus and Xoreram had constant heated disputes, Carsixus left his partner and formed his own organization, planning on bringing peace to those who could not ever regain their hearts.


The basic goal of NOoN is to transform Iosrea into a utopia for Nobodies to live in peace. Not many other than the Superior and the second in command, Xephuiqs seem to see this.


I: Golnax

II: Chemxial

III: Xephuiqs

IV: Xogame

V: Xaria

VI: Rixayn

VII: Xrieu

VIII: Xesshin

IX: Xelces

X: Aixymn

XI: Xsekt

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