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Nevel from Kingdom Hearts: Forever (TK2 Fan Comic Series)

Nevel Papperman started his crossover Debute in the Mario & Friends Saga Amy Rose: The Comic where he was committed to the Mental Hospital in Toad Town of the Mushroom Kingdom, after attempting to Murder Carly Shay of iCarly in Seattle, WA. When Amy tossed the Ring of the Acorns out of the windshield into the Barred Asylum window, accidentally hitting him, Nevel discovered it and wished to return to Seattle and after he got there, he wished for both as many weapons he pleased and a Giant Nevelbot for him to control. After kidnapping Carly, Amy Rose entered the Scene to defeat the Nevelbot. After being defeated and sent to Seattle Juvie, he escaped with help from the Phantom Blot

First Debute

He's not a Disney Character like the Blot, but he debuted in the cancelled Nickelodeon Sitcom iCarly.


  • Monstropolis = Gargoyle
  • Halloween Town = Skeleton
  • Rapunzel's Kingdom = Dragon


Any weapon the Ring of the Acorns makes under his wishes.


Ninja Techniques

Voice Actor

Reed Alexander of iCarly.

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