Kana ネリーナ
Origin Kingdom Hearts: Renascentia
Type Human
Role Protagonist

Keyblade Wielder

Age 14
Home World Land of Radiance
Family Demetrius (Older Brother)
Status Alive

Nerina is a main protagonist of Kingdom Hearts: Renascentia and a Keyblade wielder. Originally she lived in the Land of Radiance along with her older brother Demetrius and best friend, Avira.

Journal entries

Kingdom Hearts: Renascentia

A benevolent young lass with a heart filled with compassion. She is often against violence but isn't afraid to defend herself. She wields her own Keyblade with passion for her allies and ferocity for her adversaries.


Kingdom Hearts: Renascentia





  • "Demetrius! Avira! You two stop!"
  • "With this Keyblade I'll take you down!"
  • "No we are going to fight together!"
  • "Now is not the time for running, now it's time to fight!"
  • "There you are Avira!"
  • "Demetrius stop!"
  • "You two are something else."
  • "The Lost Ones...what kind of name is that?"
  • "The fact that beings with no heart exist is a sad story all by itself."
  • "You may be my enemy but not even you deserve this."


  • Nerina is the feminine form of the Italian name "Nerio" which means "water."

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