Neo Asgard-III
Far Far Away
Origin Shrek 2 (2004)
Stories Shrek series
Kingdom Hearts: The Third Ragnarok
Party Member Sarah
Edward Elric

Neo Asgard-III (ネオアスガード-III, Neo Asugādo - III), previously known as the Kingdom of Far Far Away(a location in the Shrek series) before it was taken over by Empress Hazel, is a major world in Kingdom Hearts: The Third Ragnarok.


After defeating Sora and Riku, Hazel arrives in Far Far Away with an army of Heartless, Dokita Golems, Dark Knight Armors, and Leakers, easily defeats the royal guard, and usurps the throne from King Arthur. Sora is tied to Yggdrashreck, but manages to escape with Sarah's help.

Native Characters


  • Far Far Away being the "central realm" and being renamed Neo Asgard-III is an appropriate allusion to how Shrek is often considered the mascot of Dreamworks Animation.
  • The explanation for Pinocchio, Snow White, Aurora, Cinderella and Merlin, all of whom appeared in previous Kingdom Hearts titles, having their appearances changed to match their Shrek series designs is the side effect of passing through a "magic space cloud" before arriving on Far Far Away.
    • By that logic, in the context of The Third Ragnarok, the Shrek version of Arthur is implied to be the same as his Disney namesake from "The Sword in the Stone", who has yet to appear in any Kingdom Hearts title.
  • The events depicted in Far Far Away take place any time after Shrek the Third, and take some notes from the plot of Thor: Ragnarok.
  • The naming scheme is taken from Neo Tokyo-3, the setting of Neon Genesis Evangelion, but with a roman numeral.
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