Nega Troll
Origin Superhero Keyblade Wars
Alias Nezi Troll
Monarch of Misogyny
Type Psycho-Nezilar, Troll, Cyborg
Role Villain
Home World Earth
Family Dr. Hinelar (Creator, Father Figure)
Attribute Internet
Status Alive
English Voice Matt Stone

Nega Troll is a new Psycho-Nezilar created by Dr. Hinelar to serve Demonizer. He is also connected to the sudden reappearance of Neji Silver (a "fake" member) of Jaden Sentai Nejiranger.


Nega Troll resembles an overweight African American male with neck rolls and stubby legs. He uses a mobility scooter to get around, due to the condition of his legs.


Nothing short of an obnoxious, irresponsible, crafty, trouble making sleazebag, Nega Troll enjoys "trolling" others, especially on the internet, given his cybertroll motif, and playing mind games on his victims, at times even going as far as using their shortcomings to rationalize his own wrongdoings. He is also a chauvinist, sexist degenerate who staunchly believes his kind was born from the "darkness" of moral extremists and women, and it is directly their fault internet trolls exist to punish those who have tried time and again to "kill their buzz".


  • Nega's characterization is not only a fusion of an internet troll and a "real" troll from Scandinavian/Norse folklore/mythology, but also heavily inspired by the overall plotline of South Park's 20th season in 2016.
  • His appearance and some of his character traits, especially his obnoxious humming, are also inspired, at least partly, by Peter Griffin from Family Guy. He also possesses traits belonging to Peter's friends Joe Swanson Glenn Quagmire, and Cleveland Brown.
    • In fact, his online username references the name of a short-lived fan Peter and his friends formed, and the year the first episode of Family Guy aired.
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