• Nice to meet you. I will beat you.
  • Advance.
  • Beyond the death, understanding.
  • Are you prepared?
  • It's...just a flesh wound."
—when low on HP
  • Sake's sounding good right about now.
—when low on HP
  • Don't hold back, eh?
—when opponent is stronger
  • Now that's just not fair!
—when opponent is stronger
  • Is this a joke?
—when opponent is weaker
  • I'll give you time to gather your senses.
—when opponent is weaker

Character specific encounters

  • Are you sure we can't settle this elseways?
  • To think I had defended you...
  • Do I know you?
  • Experiments are what you do, yes?
  • I'd really rather not fight you...
  • Sorry, I'm happily married.
Ulmia Dark
  • Your friends...hmm...
  • You have forsaken what you have forged.
Lord Kami
  • You can't surpass me. It's impossible.
Nathaniel Koroshiya
  • Interesting case we have here.
Alex Wolf
  • Quite original, you are.
  • Huh. You seem familiar.
Allen Trius
  • Ah, the faceless one.
Crono Silverius
  • ...this is a joke, right? You can't be serious.
  • That thing's gotta be heavy.
Ayano Katagiri
  • Some agenda you've got there.
  • Time to chill. ...what? It was bound to happen.
  • Let me gauge your strength.
  • A heart of pure darkness...hmm...
Yami Dark
  • Wasn't looking there...
  • You're before my time, boy.



  • The outcome was never really in doubt.
  • Not too shabby.
  • End of lessons.
  • She's waiting for me...
  • The narrowest victories are often the greatest.
—when HP is low
  • You fought greatly...but not greatly enough.
—when HP is low
  • You were holding back.
—when opponent is stronger
  • Don't hold back next time.
—when opponent is stronger
  • Have you learned your lesson?
—when opponent is weaker
  • It be best if you kept this to yourself.
—when opponent is weaker


  • Damn...I did not expect that.
  • So unlucky we are...
  • Paradise is nowhere.
  • There goes my plan.
  • Guess I shouldn't've been so rash.
—when opponent is stronger
  • Finally...someone I can relate to...
—when opponent is stronger
  • I suppose...I was holding back too much...
—when opponent is weaker
  • Oh, I'll be back. You'll wish you lost.
—when opponent is weaker
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