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Nathaniel Koroshiya
Name Nathaniel Koroshiya
Kana 殺し屋 ナサニエル (Koroshiya Nasanieru)
Original Fanon Kingdom Hearts: Arcana
Alias The Adept Reaper
Type Soul Reaper
Alignment Good
Rival Sengo Muramasa
Weapon Zanpakutō
Attribute Soul
"A Keyblade Master with the air of a near-god, having fought in many battles amongst his peers. Physically and otherwise, his soul is a force to be reckoned with."

Nathaniel Koroshiya is a character in Destiny's Reach: Kingdom Hearts, originating from Kingdom Hearts: Arcana. He fights alongside Riku, and opposes Sengo Muramasa as a rival. In combat, he switches between his Zanpakutō and Keyblades to deal swift combos and dark-light magic spells. While he is the strongest of the ten, he keeps his strength in check to avoid a "God complex" among his peers. He actively participates to end the conflict, all the while cannot help but remember another similar event.


Nathaniel wears his Captain's attire, along with torso armor underneath which extends to cover - or, perhaps replace - the top part of his shihakusho, and boots similar to those worn by Eraqus. In addition, he wears what appears to be a fusion of Terra and Aqua's dormant Armor on his right arm.

His alternate outfit is his "Exile Gear".

Nathaniel's Shade version, Phantasmic Master, is emerald green.


Destiny's Reach: Kingdom Hearts


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Nathaniel can switch between his two weapons - Zanpakutō and Keyblade - in combat, as well as light and dark spells, earning his style the title of Adept Reaper. His Bravery attacks magic attacks with his Keyblade, while he attacks HP with his Zanpakutō; he can switch between the two by doubletapping the shoulder buttons. Much like Sengo, Nathaniel starts out with his Zanpakutō in its sealed state and can activate its Shikai in battle.

Bravery Attacks

Move Type Range Obtained Description
Synch Blade
Ground/Midair N/A Default
Equips a second Keyblade in battle.
Ground/Midair Mid TBA
Fires a blue bolt of lightning that quickly reaches its target.
Additional Effect: Chase.
Dark Firaga
Ground Long TBA
Fires a ball of flaring darkness. If contact is made with the ground, it explodes upon impact.
Ars Solum
Ground Close TBA
Performs several multi-hit combos by pushing square at the correct moments.
Additional Effect: Wall Rush
Spirit Rain
Ground Mid TBA
Fires Bravery-sapping energy into the air which rains down for twelve seconds.

HP Attacks

Move Type Range Obtained Description
Flint's Maiden
Ground/Midair N/A Default
Activates the Zanpakutō's Shikai state.
Ground Mid TBA
A 720° slash.
Additional Effect: Chase
Number One
Ground Mid TBA
A simple dash forward with the Zanpakutō held out to the side.
Ground Mid TBA
A lunge past the enemy, slashing the enemy with dual swords; once each.

Bravery to HP Attacks

Move Type Range Chains From Description
Arcanum Duos
Ground Close Ars Solum
Twirling and whipping slashes with both Keyblades, whether Synch Blade is in effect or not.

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