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Origin Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Original Name Kairi
Alias Witch of Memories
Type Nobody
Role Protagonist
Age 17
Home World Castle Oblivion
Family Roxas (husband), Phixx (daughter), Alexander (son)
Weapon Keyblade
Attribute Memories
Status Alive

Naminé, the nobody of Kairi, is one the main and playable characters in Kingdom Hearts: Foul Remembrance. She was born when Xid tried to rid the universe of The Nightmares. To do so, she had to destroy the creators. Not knowing that it was Riku, not Kairi, that held the other half of the spirit, she went after Sora and Kairi.




Kairi- Her other half, she is very close to Kairi. Learning more about her, Kiari started to think that she would just stay only half of herself for Namine. In the end, that is what she did. Sora had died, so Roxas couldn't absorb back into him. The two then left Holy Arxaith and lived in Radiant Garden.

Roxas- Once Sora was comatose, Roxas replaced him. Since Kairi and Sora did everything together, Namine and Roxas did so as well. In the credits, they are seen on a hill with the HBRC. (Hollow Bastion Restoration Comittee) Sometime after that, Roxas engaged to Namine and they had two kids; Phixx and Alexander

Amy Sorel- Amy is very distant from everyone, but Namine can tell that she really wants to speak her mind and become friends with them. Because of this, Namine is Amy's first friend in the group. Whenever Amy is scared or uncertain, Namine shows comforts her or shows her what to do.

Alexander- Her son. She very attatched to him and it took a lot of convincing from Roxas to let him go on the journey. Before he left, she cut a lock of her hair and made it into an earing for him. She said that it would remind him that she is always with her, even if they don't have hearts.

Phixx- Her daughter. She isn't as attatched to Phixx as much as she is to Alexander, but she still loves her very much. When she saw Phixx and Alexander right before the left, she grabbed her hands and told her to watch Alexander. Phixx nodded, and Namine smiled and gave her a tight hug saying; "Please... be safe" as a tear ran down her cheek.



The only things she can weild are keyblades






  • "I won't fade into dakrness!" (any boss)
  • "I'm sorry..." (any friend battle)
  • "It was bound to happen anyway..." (any enemy)


  • "Destined to fade into the darkness... it was true..." (any enemy)
  • "I faded... back...?" (any boss)
  • "I guess you win!" (any friend battle)



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