Name of the Game
(センザイ イチグー Senzai Ichiguu (lit. "Chance of a Lifetime"))
Name of the Game
"A Keyblade that seems a little lucky. It increases the likelihood of enemies dropping rare items."
Strength Magic
4 1
Lucky Lucky
Complete Underland

Name of the Game is one of the first three Keyblades obtainable by the potagonists of Kingdom Hearts: Shadows of Eternity (not including their default Keyblade). It has an average reach and better strength than the other starting Keyblades.


The shaft of Name of the Game is a White Queen from the game chess, while the crossguard is made from two white pawns and a joker card. The teeth of the key are made from four cards, one for each of the four card suits which alternate from being red on a white background to being white with a red background. The hilt is a simple sword hilt.

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