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Naga in The Final Remnant


Naga is a Character from Remnant: Change The World! Series in an Alternate wiki. and is a Special Charater along with Kyle Luminara.


Naga in Remnant: Change The World! has Pink Hair and Pink Eyes but in Kingdom Hearts: The Final Remnant she has White Hair and White eyes and has a more Ninja looking apperance.


In the Remnant: Change The World! she is very hyperactive and Happy-go-lucky. the same goes with The Final Remnant. However, There are times that she stays calm.


Remnant: Change The World! Bill

Naga along with Kyle Luminara makes their apperance as the Leaders of the planet Midgard in The Final Remnant. Three Leaf Clover mission is assigned to the charater that asked for the bill to be passed. She is also a Member of The Midgard Trinity. Giving the player missions.

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