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Infernal Caliban

Role Antagonists
Story Kingdom Hearts: Blooms of Chaos

NOVA is an antagonistic organization that appears as the main villains of the third story arc of Kingdom Hearts: Blooms of Chaos. Their ranks are filled by four members, each of a different species (Nobody, Somebody, Heartless, and Unversed). Each of them have harnessed the power of one Realm, effectively giving them ultimate, almost god-like abilities. NOVA's overall plan is to use their powers to blur the lines that separate and contain each Realm, causing chaos and discord throughout the universe as darkness ravages lands and nothingness robs worlds of their existance. While this is unfolding, they plan to take over Kingdom Hearts and "liberate" the universe, allowing them to be viewed as saviors, making their conquest of all worlds look like an act of heroism.

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