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The Mytheri is Xerena's signature weapon from Kingdom Hearts: Foul Remembrance


On one side the mytheri is a scythe and on the other side it's a microphone. It's colors can range from black to white, blue to pink, ect. The side with a scyth is bound in "Sound Beads" which are used in her EX Mode.


The mytheri is a weapon that is used best for buffing and magical attacks. Some of the buffs are "Beat Booster", which casts haste or quick on the party, "Battle Cry", which casts berserk, haste, and strength on the party, "Rock 'n' Roll", which adds boosters on all of the attacks and HP of party members. It can also de-buff enemies, like by using "Lullaby", which casts darkness, sleep, and daze on the enemies. Its normal attacks consist of swinging it, which causes disturbances in the sound waves, and hitting the ground with the microphone side, which causes an earthquake from sound waves.


  • Jazzer (first one)
  • Orchastral Beat (Hollow Bastion)
  • Melody of Ultima (Holy Arxaith)
  • Queen's Song (Underland)
  • Mournful Hymn (Graveyard of Drems)
  • Techno Love (Fifth Hope)
  • Modern Beat (Grand Surbia)
  • Dragon Chorus (Arygon)
  • Tribal Drum (Valley of Four)


  • Each of the names have something to do with music
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