Sure, I sense Mystery Morph's prescence, but I can't see anything!
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Mystery Morph
"A strange Keyblade with the weakest attack strikes but with a powerful magic to counter."
Strength Magic
+1 +5
Fire Boost - Increases Fire magic and Fire-magic-based attacks; Blizzard Boost - Increases Blizzard magic and Blizzard-magic-based attacks; Thunder Boost - Increases Thunder magic and Thunder-magic-based attacks
Defeat Twilight on Fantasio's South Island.

The Mystery Morph is a Keyblade wielded by Aqua in Heroes From An Old World. It is a strange Keyblade with the weakest power but with some of the strongest magic available to Aqua.


The Mystery Morph's guard looks like a wavy outer edge, resembling the Photon Debugger Keyblade. The outer edges are colored pink, whereas the rest of the guard is colored a dark navy blue. The handle is plain and nothing is really standing out about it. The main blade of the Mystery Morph is wavy, with a lighter pink outline and a lighter (albeit still dark) blue as the main blade. The teeth of the Mystery Morph is actually three large plus symbols sharpened into points.

The Keychain of the Mystery Morph is a flat white circle with a light pink counterclockwise swirl inside of it.


  • The Mystery Morph may be called its name because the boss fought before obtaining it has the power to change into any being, thereby making her true form a mystery.
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