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Myde is the complete being of Demyx and the lead sitarist in his band, Dance Water Dance.


Myde, in his own words, is a fun-loving party animal. others say he tries too hard. He really lacks social skills, resulting in his only real friend being the scientist, Ienzo.


Descent into Darkness

At some point in time, feeling discouraged by his band breaking up, Myde gives up hope and, unknowingly, his heart his heart as well.

Fighting Style

Rather than battling, Myde challenges you to a music off mini-game, in which you must press the correct button in time with the music


In "Battle"

  • "Try to keep up." - Beginning of battle
  • "C'mon, keep to the beat." - When a note is missed
  • "Hey that's cheating." - Use Distract Reaction Command
  • "Ugh, I'm losing my touch." - When he misses a note
  • "Hey you're pretty good." - When you win
  • "Alright, who's the best!"


  • "Alright everyone, this one's going out to my good friend, Ienzo."
  • "Come back tomorrow, we're here all week."
  • "What!? But this band's great together."
  • "Fine, I'll go solo."
  • "Man, do I suck on my own?"


  • Myde's band, Dance Water Dance, has the same name as a quote associated with Demyx.
  • Myde appears to be 19, 10 more than Demyx's rank in Organization XIII.
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