Mug is an Ability exclusive to Gamechanger Form in Kingdom Hearts: Shadows of Eternity. It is integral to allowing the Form gain Experience and, thus, level up.

Ability AP Cost MP Cost Description
5 AP
0 MP
Takes an enemy's items while attacking them. Changes the "Attack" Command to "Mug".


The way Mug works is that it generates a random whole number between 0 and 11 (meaning it could be 1-10) with every attack. If it generates a 7, the enemy drops a Rare Item, and if it generates a 3, then they drop a regular Item. This gives the Form a 20% chance of gaining Experience with each hit, in addition to the Experience it will gain if the enemy drops an Item or Rare Item on defeat. Mug also renames the attack command to "Mug".

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