Mr. Osato
Origin You Only Live Twice (1967)
Type Somebody
Role Support Villain
Home World James Bond Universe
Status Dead
Mr. Osato is the owner of Osato Chemicals and Engineering, a front for SPECTRE.


Mr. Osato is first heard when he is contacted over his safe being broken into by James Bond and Sora. After a polite meeting with Sora and James Bond (who is disguised as Mr. Fisher0, Osato orders Helga Brandt to kill them. Despite Bond and Sora being captured by Helga Brandt, they escape after a brief fight with her. Sora, Riku and Kairi storm at Osato chemicals, forcing Mr. Osato to flee his building. At the SPECTRE volcano, Blofeld (whole face still unseen) is displeased at Osato and Brandt. After some pleading, Osato is given another shot of killing 007, while Brandt is executed by piranhas. 2 of his attempts on Bond's life fail miserably, first a fake ninja, and a bedroom assassin. At the volcano, where Sora and Bond are caught for attempting to board Bird 1 with an air conditioner, Osato orders an evacuation. After being given a gun, Blofeld kills Osato.

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