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Original Name Monica
Type Raksum
Role Antagonist
Home World Isle of the Labyrinth
Weapon Rod
Attribute Sound
Status Alive

Monica is the former name of the Forgotten Revolt member, Terror.



Monica, like the other members of the Masked Infantry, was born in a small Raksum nest, where she would live, as the only girl, for the next few years. During that time, she became good friends with Klayton, another Raksum, whom she was quite fond of, and even became his fiancé. When they came of age, the two of them departed together, in search of a new life. However, their dreams were soon dashed when they discovered that humans were extremely predjudice against their closely related species, the Raksum. Defeated and dejected, Monica and Klayton began to travel back to their nest, only to be ambushed by the memory-crazed replica, Thorn and his two cohorts, Fuesona and Nickero, two Raksum of the same nest. Mind control devices were placed on the two struggling Raksum and they were then given a new name, furthering them from their own humanity. Monica and Klayton were then entered into the ranks of the Forgotten Revolt, with no control over their own actions, much like what then happened to their last nest member, Celesté.

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