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Kana Moguri
Type Moogle
Role Ally
Family look at the Category
Status Alive

Mogle is a Moogle that follows Alex and fights with him a lot.


Mogle lived in the World of the Moogle for a long time, but then she fell down a hole and was in the darkness world. There she met Mog who she knows of and she followed Mogle down the hole and got there. There they meet Lisa. She takes them to MCX Mogle is the leader of the moogles. She and the Moogles own a shop for MCX members. She takes them to the Moogle world and they get some of them home with them.

Meeting Alex

Mogle met Alex, the new leader of MCX. There, they have a fight about how he does not look like a leader. Her friend Bird likes Alex and so does she but not in the way of leader, the way of sister and brother. Some could say that she and Alex have something, as Mog said. She and Alex fight Heartless on the first day of his leadership. Mogle said that she would show Alex how to be a great leader.


Mogle has wings under the cloak she wears. She has a blue hat/hood that she has on her ears. She has the same eyes as Alex which is one blue eye and one red eye. She has a book in her cloak for spells and she has a Sword and she has a Black cloak that she wears. Under the hat she also has pom-pom.

Fighting style

Mogle uses her sword to fight, but also uses her book of spells. Her book of spells has all the spells but she needs to level to get them. Her sword is made out of rainbows. She fights with her Sword in her right hand and has her book in her left hand, but uses spells in her right.



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