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Original Name none
Type Moogle
Role Ally
Home World World of the Moogle
Weapon none
Attribute none
Status Alive


Mog lived in the World of the Moogle. But when Mogle left, so did she. Mogle and Mog went to the Dark World, where they meet Lisa. At the castle of MCX, she gets a room, where she has a shop for MCX members to purchase goods and items. When Alex comes to MCX, she makes fun of the fact that Alex and Mogle live in the same room. One day, Mogle meets Demon, and he takes her away from MCX.

One year later, Demon has made a habit of repeatedly casting Fire 4 on Mog, hurting her badly. Alex gets to Demon, and Mogle casts Cure 4 on Mog to heal her. She heads back to MCX and goes to sleep. She then goes to Alex's room, and talks about how no one loves her. The next day, Alex goes out and asks the members of MCX what they think of Mog. After he hears this, he goes to Mog and tells her about how the Moogles like her as a boss, but some times she can be bossy.


Mog can be nice when she wants to be. Mogle and she are friends, but argue like sisters. She playfully teases Mogle often with arguments and jokes. She is sometimes bossy to the other Moogles she works with at MCX.


Mog likes to wear yellow, and has a yellow hat with a pink ribbon, under which is her pom-pom. She has a yellow cloak as well, beneath which are her wings. Mog has one red eye and one blue eye.


  • "Mogle loves Alex."
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