Princess Moddie from Amy Rose: The Movie

Princess Monica Mouse (also known as either Maude or Moddie) is Princess of the Disney Castle, Daughter of Mickey & Minnie, and Elmer Mouse's younger sister in the Fan Comic Book, Kingdom Hearts: Forever. P.J. even has a crush on her, but Moddie, Elmer, Minnie and Mickey don't approve of P.J.'s Crush on her because Moddie knew he was the son of Pete.

First Debute

Her first debute is in the upcoming Youtube Series, Amy Rose: The Movie, where Amy Rose entered Traverse Town on her way of searching for a game she really belongs because Sonic the Hedgehog told Amy that She doesn't belong in the Sonic Games and accused her of stealing the Damsel role from Princess Sally Acorn since Sonic CD. Irritated after her father said that she and he have to meet Amy in Traverse Town Square (because she doesn't like leaving the Disney Castle due to the fact that there's Danger outside.) she agrees to go with him (not that she was but she thinks she had no choice.

Worlds-Of-Change Forms

  • Monstropolis = Vampire
  • Radiator Springs = Red Porsche
  • Sunnyside Daycare = Teddy Bear
  • Bikini Bottom = Diver (like Sandy Cheeks)
  • Repunzel's Kingdom = Dove
  • Pride Lands = Hornbill
  • Man Village = Lioness
  • Mushroom Kingdom = Yoshi
  • Sugar Rush = Nicelander
  • Mobius = (1st visit = Herself as Normal & 2nt Visit = Mobius Hedgehog)


Her Rifle Key, which is a resemblance of both the Kingdom Key and Leon's Gunblade.


  • Bullet Blast
  • Keyblade Slash
  • Fiery Blizzard
  • Revival Gas
  • Restore Thunder

Voice Actress

I think Debby Ryan makes a great voice actress due to Moddie and Baily from Suite Life on Deck have blonde hair.

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