Mitch Wilkinson
Origin National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets (2007)
Type Somebody
Role Villain
Home World Modern U.S.A.
Family Unknown Great-Great-Grandfather
Weapon Colt M1911A1
Status Dead
Mitch Wilkinson was the accuser of Benjamin Gates's family.


After a peaceful meeting about Lincoln's death, he shows a missing piece of the diary which Thomas Gates burned, showing that Gates's family may have bene involved in the murder of president Lincoln. He plans to find the gold city Cibola. At the suggestion of Maleficent, Mitch breaks into Patrick Gates's home and clones his cell phone. In London, he and his men nearly try to kill Sora and his allies. He even hires some criminals to kill Sora and Benjamin. At Mt. Rushmore, Mitch fights Sora's group until they agree to go with him to find Cibola. In the cavern the team suddenly splits and eventually link up at the city of gold. Then, a wrath of the gods occurs. In the flood, the team makes it out, but Mitch stays behind due to too much water and reminds Gates to tell the president that he found the city. We don't see Mitch again, because he drowned in the city.

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