Pavel Chekov (mirror)
Origin Star Trek: The Original Series
Alias Mister Chekov
Type Human
Role Boss, Villain
Age Unknown
Home World Mirror Universe
Weapon Empire Dagger
Attribute N/A
Status Unknown, presumably Alive

Mirror Chekov is a boss fought by Saphyra in the Mirror Universe World of Kingdom Hearts: Echoes. In the Final Mix adaption, he is given an extra HP gauge.

Codex Entry: "An ambitious young man out to kill his Captain so that he could rise in rank, going so far as summoning Heartless to assist him. He was taken to an Agony Booth after Saphyra and Kirk defeated him. Saphyra dos NOT want to know what a punishment like that entails."


Mirror Chekov is this world's evil version of Pavel Chekov, the Enterprise's Navigator. Just like in the Star Trek episode that this story is based off of, he attempts to kill Captain Kirk, unaware that the Kirk he is attacking is not his own Captain, but one from another world. Saphyra is unaware of any of the goings-on and immediately rushes to defend Kirk, initiating the boss battle. Chekov summons Shadow Heartless to aid him, marking the first appearance of the Heartless in a battle, and thier second appearance in the story overall.


Chekov will use his Empire-issued dagger in battle, attempting to run Saphyra through with it. The player should pay more attention to the Shadow Heartless flanking him, for they are the battle's true threat, because they can interrupt Saphyra's attacks. Chekov's attacks can be avoidd comepletely with Dodge Rollls. If any attack of his does connect, all it will do is knock Saphyra backwards. The player should take advantage of Kirk's presence as a Party Member in this battle, having him deal with Chekov. A close-up strategy is not recommended, since all of Chekov's attacks can interrupt the player's combos, leaving them open to the swift attack of the Shadow Heartless.One strategy would be to fill Saphyra's Command Deck with multi-target attacks and Magic spells, so that she can damage Chekov and his goons at the same time.


  • Basic Thrust: Chekov will rush at Saphyra with a thrust of the dagger, then jump away.
  • Desperate Swipe: Chekov will slash at Saphyra madly. The attack is powerful, but lacks accuracy, making it random and easy to dodge.
  • Pierce Charge: Chekov will "Lock On" to Saphyra and then perform the Basic Thrust. Guarding the attack at the right time will stun him for a brief period.


(To Kirk, Pre-Battle): "Nobody will question the assassination of a Captain that has disobeyed prime orders of the Empire!"

(To Saphyra, In-Battle Quote): "Afraid to die? Good!"

(To Saphyra, Post-Battle): "Foolish girl! If you had allowed me to kill him, we would've all risen in rank!"

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