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"You aren't getting away with this!"
—Tails to Nega-Nick during the events of Chapter 25

Miles "Tails" Prower is a sidekick to his friend Sonic and consequently a major hero debuting in Sonic The Hedgehog 2. Tails is a smart child, having an IQ of possibly 300, and he has the unique power to fly (when he isn't in his human form) as well as build major machinery. If plot elements like the Retcon Remote are taken into account, it could be entirely possible Tails had built most of the newer technological gadgets in the series.


"...well...that segway was probably the most...accurate one so far."
—Tails upon going through a segway led by the Bum Reviewer in Chapter 24

In Sonic's Reality Check, Tails appears (in all of his appearances to date) with blonde hair and three small "spikes" of hair sticking out around the forehead, as well as his signature red-and-white shoes. Tails has strangely lost his twin tails, obviously to fit in with the appearance of a local human, and Tails also appears to have grown "significantly taller" due to his transformation into a human. However, Tails's apparel had also gone through changes since SRC began, all of which are listed below.

Chapter 1 to the Beginning of Chapter 24

  • A yellow t-shirt
  • Faded grey shorts
  • No gloves

The Rest of Chapter 24 Onward

  • A white t-shirt with green rings at the ends of the sleeves, the neck hole, and the bottom of the shirt
  • Black shorts with a dual white stripe on both sides
  • Orange-tinted sunglasses appear on his head


"This show has a plot?"
—Tails responding to Yorobot in Chapter 19

Tails's personality mirrors that on his in-game canon counterpart: he is very kind, strong-willed, and nice to those who aren't his foes. However, he can be sometimes brash with decisions, but only rarely (they usually involve Shadow in some way though).

In SRC, Tails's personality is changed somewhat noticably, since he seems nonchalant when saying an age-inappropriate word (he only did this once, however). It's also been shown (particularly in Chapter 11) that Tails still holds a deep love (and somewhat creepy obsession) over Cosmo. However, this has been severely toned down thanks to Tails noticing the other Seedrians that appeared.

Tails also seems very brash towards Shadow, seemingly getting in Shadow's way on purpose on several occasions to show his own personal dominance over Shadow. The fights between these two have never shown a true victor, though.

Tails's Role

Full role coming soon...


Coming soon...


  • Tails is the only Sonic-cast character to stay home from the high school, although he sometimes appears there as part of the plot.
  • Tails currently has two chapters devoted to the entirety of his character, although he shares the second one with Yorobot.
  • Tails is the first hero to find a Chaos Emerald, although he wasn't the first to obtain it.
  • Tails had 240 Rings in SRC before Nick stole them to sell them and gain cash for them all in Chapter 10.
  • Tails's second design is based off of a dollmaker on deviantART created specifically for Sonic OC's.
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