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Miku Hatsune
Miku pro. diva
Alias Ms. Hatsune, No.1
Type Voice Sythesizer
Role Support
Age Stays about 16
Home World Audio City
Weapon Leek Sword
Attribute Ability: De-Bug
Status Undying

Miku Hatsune (Hot-soon-ee) is the support character from Audio City from Kingdom Hearts: Foul Remembrance


Miku's appearance varies, but her main outfit as an aqua, gray, and black shoolgirl style. Her hair is very long and aqua in color. In almost all costumes, the hair is in two high ponytails.


She is very outgoing and happy, so whenever her friends are down, she cheers them up.


The World's Virtual Diva

When the party first arrives in Audio City, they run into Miku and some of her friends trying to fight off Heartless and The Nightmares. Her friend, Meiko, came over to ask the party for help. During the battle, Haku explains what is going on and she, Miku, and Meiko all decided to bring them to the HQ. At the HQ, Haku and Meiko stay in the hallway while Miku came into the room. In the room were four people in lab coats. They were the mantainers of peace in this world. The virus, the Z Scrambler, was sucking the data from VOCALOIDs and mixing them with the data from Org. XIII. That was making all the VOCALOIDs to dissapear. They decided that they would send out the most powerful to defeat each of the viruses.


Her weapon is a sword that at the hilt, it splits and looks like a leek. If you didn't know, her "item" is a leek. Most VOCALOIDs have an item. Ex. Kaito = Ice cream, Meiko = Wine bottle, ect.


  • Leek Slasher


EX Mode

Her EX Blast is when she looks kind of angelic and a little space-like. She grows wings on her shoes, her back, and the back of her hair. The blast is called "Angelic Concert". During the attack, she can choose three people to do the attack with. One person will play a guitar and razor-sharp halos come out of it, another will jump around the arena, making the enemies dizzy, and the last one will be making the enemies rise into the air by flapping its wings. Lastly, Miku will be singing, causing damge to all of them. At the end, called "Finale!", the three angels all sing at once, creating an earthquake.

Alternate Outfits

She has many alternate outfits, including ones special for songs, like the World is Mine outfit.

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