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Michiyo Hikifune
Kana 曳舟三千代 (Hikifune Michiyo)
Type Soul Reaper
Role Kingdom Guard Subsidary No. 7
Former 3rd Seat of Squad 10
Home World Soul Society
Family Kirio Hikifune (mother)
Weapon Zanpakutō; Keyblade
Status Alive

Michiyo Hikifune is number 7 of the Kingdom Guard's Subsidiary division. She is the daughter of former Squad Twelve Captain Kirio Hikifune.



Approximately 500 years before Kingdom Hearts, Michiyo was born as the daughter of Squad Twelve Captain Kirio Hikifune. Ironically, she made 12 attempts to pass the Shinō Academy entrance exam before finally gaining admittance. After graduating, she joined Squad Twelve as its Third Seat.

Turn Back the Pendulum

After Kisuke Urahara's promotion to Squad Twelve Captain, Michiyo left her position in Squad Twelve and became Squad Ten's Third Seat.


Michiyo has a slight resemblance to Senna. She appears as a raven-haired young woman with sapphire eyes, wearing a standard shihakusho with a long grey sash. Her shoulder-length hair is held up by a hairpin at the back. She wears her silver Subsidiary badge on her sash.


Michiyo is often stern and unfeeling, but can be fun-loving and freespirited when work isn't involved. She takes her position in the Guard with pride, as she is the only female member between the Executive and the Subsidiary, and her overall position is 12, which was the number Squad her mother once led. She seems to hold the late Larxene in high regard, due to her rank of Number XII in the Organization and the similarity between Larxene's kunai and her released Zanpakutō.

Powers and Abilities

Michiyo fighting in Radiant Garden.

Expert Swordsman Specialist: Michiyo is shown to be highly proficient in the wielding of her Zanpakutō. She holds her own against the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee, which ends in her cutting them down.

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Michiyo is capable of fending off an armed group without drawing her Zanpakutō for a short amount of time.

Kidō Expert: Michiyo is skilled in Kidō, and can use a level 50 Kidō spell without the incantation.

Flash Steps Expert: Michiyo shows considerable speed, which she uses in order to escape the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee's pursuit.

High Spiritual Power: As one of Lieutenant class, Michiyo boasts an above average amount of spiritual energy.


Kōkotsu Mukō (恍惚無効, Ecstatic Void) is sealed in the form of a katana with a black sheath and a guard shaped like a four pointed star with blunt points and three holes along each.

  • Shikai: Its release command is Spin (一走り, hitohashiri). When released, it takes the form of an oversized shuriken.
Shikai Special Ability: Michiyo can call back Kōkotsu Mukō once thrown, which disappears and reappears similar to a Flash Step.
  • With the command Spin into oblivion (忘却の淵に一走り, bōkyaku no fuchi ni hitohashiri), Michiyo activates the second release, Kōkotsu Mukō Man Gun (恍惚無効万軍, Ecstatic Void Thousand Army), which splits the shuriken into several separate ones. Michiyo can control the path of these once thrown, and can not only call them back, but also can make them "Flash Step" all over the place.
  • Bankai: Not Yet Achieved.