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Micheal Green
Type Demon
Role Protagonist
Age 13
Home World Mage Sage Town
Weapon Kunai
Attribute Ninja Abilites
Status Alive

Story Line

The Beginning

Micheal can't really remember much of he's past. But most of what he remembers is that of which when he was about 3 years old. Being raised in a high praised family of well trained ninjas, Micheal had beautiful unique skills for battle. On the night they attack Micheal wasn't feeling well (which could probably be the cause of he's memory lost) . Then a bright light flashed. Before Micheal could even notice what happen he was in Mage Sage Town with he's little twin sister lying on the ground.


Micheal is the oldest of the twins so he's more mature. He's straight foreward when talking to people and is very protective of he's little sister. On the inside he's very sweet but when meeting new people he gets a bit tense and cruel. But after while he'll start to warm up to you.


Fighting Style



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