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Micha Green
Type Demon
Role Protagonist
Age 13
Home World Mage Sage Town
Family Michael-Twin brother
Weapon Giant Ninja Shuriken
Attribute Ninja Abilites
Status Alive

Story Line

Micha can't really remember much of her past. Unlike her brother Micha can't remember anything. All she remembers is Micheal always there by her. She had beautiful unique skills just like her brother. On the night they were attacked Micha was sound sleep, She could hear screaming or foot steps or anything. So when she opened her eyes again, She was in Mage Sage Town, sitting and wondering "What happened?" "How did we get here?"


Micha is the youngest of the twins some she's more childish. She's clumsy and asks alot of questions. She's the complete oppsite of her brother. Meaning she's very sweet both inside ans out no matter who she meets.


Fighting Style



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