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Kana メックスリアン
Original Name Imoern
Alias The Resonating Ascendant
Type Nobody
Role Void Federation
Age 18
Weapon Exploding RC Car
Attribute Amplitude

Mexrion is a character in Kingdom Hearts: Amelioratory Benevolence. A member of the Void Federation, she is ranked Number Two.



Mexrion has long dark hair with hazel eyes. She is dressed in her school uniform, which consists of a shortsleeved white dress shirt underneath a blue vest, with a matching blue skirt, and a red bow around her neck.


Mexrion is the wild card. Whatever she does, she does for fun and because she wants to. Whenever someone prevents her from doing so, mainly Xianlian, she flips and can cause a tantrum. She enjoys her position of relative power over most other members.


  • Mexrion's reflected real-world nationality is Korean.

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