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Stories Kingdom Hearts: Blooms of Chaos

Metropolia is the former homeworld of Kexon, before it was taken by the Heartless. It appears in the story Kingdom Hearts: Blooms of Chaos.


Metropolia was very urban, full of bustling cities. There was not much countryside, so they mostly relied on exporting and importing goods. The heart of this world was kept deep inside their capital building inside the Fountain of Heart, a large fountain shaped like a heart. The Keyhole appeared right in the middle of the fountain.

Timeless City

Timeless City is Metropolia's biggest city, and also happens to be the capital. It covers over fifty percent of Metropolia's surface.

Capital Building

The Fountain of Heart resided at the Capital Building, and it also housed the Senate Core, where the Empress and the rest of the Senate met to discuss important matters. Many mysteries were kept under wraps in the many departments.

Palace of Eternity

The Palace of Eternity is the home of the royal family and all of their employees. The item used to reveal the heart of this world was kept under lock and key here. The palace itself is a high-tech building, which matches the rest of Timeless City.

The Slums

The Slums are an area in Metropolia that lie on the outskirts of the Timeless City. It is the home of the Metropolian Black Market, and a place of many dark dealings.


At this moment, the only residents known are Kexon (Neko at the time), Zoë, their parents, Alice, Empress Lacabella Ghoneway, Xyla, and to an extent, Thorn.


Metropolia was ruled by an empress, named Lacabella Ghoneway. After the world's destruction, she was taken captive by Nexko and then rescued by Kexon. It was formerly ruled by her husband until his death. The title is passed down through both heredity and marriage. If the line of rulers is broken, a new ruler will be chosen by the Senate. The Senators were voted on by the residents of Metropolia, and their purpose was to make sure the Emperor or Empress did not have too much power. Each Senator served for a term of five years before they would have to run for re-election or leave the Senate. Another political power is the High Senate, a postition held by three Senators. These three people serve as direct advisors to the Empress or Emperor.


There is a Nightverse version of Metropolia. It was the homeworld of Nexko, until it too fell to the Heartless. That Metropolia was led by a dictator, and was mostly a military world. The atmosphere was extremely contaminated by the gaseous waste that was emitted from the factories that were mass-producing nuclear weapons. The heart of the Nightverse Metropolia was displayed in the city square, as a symbol of pride. This led to the world's ultimate downfall, and the rebirth of Nexko.

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