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Metal Vanitas
Type Machine
Role Secondary antagonist
Age Unknown
Home World Aleannas
Family Dr. Madness (creator); Lavender, Johnathan, Ashura, Wechinda, Twilight (siblings)
Weapon Fake Keyblade
Attribute Darkness
Status Alive

Metal Vanitas is a metallic copy of Vanitas in Heroes From An Old World, debuting shortly after The 1000 Unversed Battle.

So far, only Dr. Madness and his cohorts know of Metal Vanitas's existance.


Metal Vanitas looks exactly like the real Vanitas, except Metal Vanitas has no face; therefore, the helmet he wears IS his face. Metal Vanitas is generally a recolor of Vanitas, with the black on Vanitas being switched to white, and the red on Vanitas being switched to neon green. Everything else is still the same.

Metal Vanitas's Keyblade has not been shown yet, although it is to be assumed it looks like a recolored version of Vanitas's Keyblade.


Metal Vanitas only appeared once, and he was not awake upon his unveiling. Therefore, his personality is ultimately unknown...for now.

Heroes From An Old World Plot Significance

Metal Vanitas was apparently created as one of the many results of the Twilight Project, with the others being Ashura The Hedgehog, Wechinda The Echinda, Lavender The Seedrian, Twilight, and Johnathan The Thorndrigan. Not much is known about him, as even Dr. Madness didn't know who he was (he hadn't met Vanitas). E-10,000 Ultranos--having already met the dark enigma--dubbed the being Metal Vanitas.


  • It is assumed that Metal Vanitas and Vanitas are on opposite sides of their own fray.
  • It is unknown if Metal Vanitas can control the Unversed or not.

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