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Meta Knight
Origin Kirby
Type Kirby species
Role Emissary Slave, Warrior
Age Unknown
Home World Subspace Emissary
Weapon Sword
Attribute Dark
Status Unknown

Meta Knight is a main character of the Kirby saga and ally in Kingdom Hearts: Awakening, and comes along to help Allen on stopping Tabuu from enslaving the Subspace Emissary and to help destroy him.



Kingdom Hearts: Awakening


Meta Knight appears to be a short blue ball, with a mask on that covers his face and gloves. He has on purple boots, a raised collar, and black/yellow shoulder pads. He also has a long, purple coat billowing out from under his pads.


Not much is known about Meta Knight. He tends to be silent and is very proud of himself and his abilities. He tends to fight when provoked, and doesn't care much about good or evil; he'll fight whoever crosses him.

Powers and Abilities


Meta Knight's fighting style is that of a "pest"; he is very fast and yet still strong, managing to overwhelm opponents with his strikes.


Meta Knight also has an unknown magic in his cape allowing him to use it for levitation and gliding.


  • Feel my power...
  • Die.

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