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Origin ReBoot
Type Virus
Role Antagonist
Age Unknown
Home World Unknown World (Formerly)

Space Paranoids (Current)

Family Hexadecimal (Sister)
Attribute Order
Status Active

Megabyte is an evil virus that hungers for power and control. He, along with Hexadecimal, Daemon, and Scuzzy, were uploaded into Radiant Garden's computer system in order to wreak havoc upon the cyberspace. Unlike his insane sister, Megabyte is dignified and intelligent, although with no morals.

Megabyte's appearance has been dramatically changed in an effort to make him look more menacing and regal.


Megabyte's original appearance has been completely redesigned for Blooms of Chaos. His entire color scheme has mostly been changed to black, complementing his now blazing red eyes and more menacing electric blue insignia. His fingers are now long and spindly, even moreso than his sister's, with red tips that are well blended with his dark armor. His bulk has been reduced by quite a bit, in order to make him look less silly, and his whole body was given a more organic feel than his previously more robotic design. In addition to this, Megabyte's crown-like growth has been fitted to his head more tightly, drawn to look more natural, and was recolored black, albeit a bit lighter. The last revision to Megabyte's character is a long black cape that drags behind him, giving Megabyte a much more regal feel. This is also where the control virus's iconic blue emblem has been moved to.

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