Mega Man
Mega Man
Japanese Rock Man
Origin Mega Man (1987)
Alias Rock, Mega
Type Robot
Role Hero
Home World Earth
Family Dr. Light (Creator), Roll (Sister), Protoman (Brother), Rush (Pet, sidekick)
Weapon Mega Buster, Variable Weapons System
Attribute Depends on what Robot Master's weapon he copies
Status Alive
English Voice Debi Derryberry
Japanese Voice Ai Orikasa
Mega Man is the title protagonist of the Mega Man series, a fighting robot created by famed scientist Dr. Light to save the world from Dr. Wily and his evil robots.


Mega Man is equipped with the Mega Buster, a projectile based weapon morphed from either of his arms, and the Variable Weapons System which lets him copy weapons and abilities from defeated Robot Masters. For example, Mega Man obtained the Super Arm weapon after defeating Guts Man. During the Superhero Keyblade Wars, Mega Man uses abilities derived from various Super Sentai teams:

  • Denji Spark/ Denjiman
  • Solar Strike/ Sun Vulcan
  • Goggle Whip/ Goggle V
  • Super Dynamite/ Dynaman
  • Bionic Burst/ Bioman
  • Zodiac Blitz/ Changeman
  • Flashing Prism/ Flashman
  • Shining Aura/ Maskman
  • Vital Fire/ Liveman
  • Turbo Dash/ Turboranger
  • Dino Fang/ Zyuranger
  • Great Chakram/ Dairanger
  • Ninja Smoke/ Kakuranger
  • Rescue Claw/ GoGo V
  • Chrono Crush/ Timeranger
  • Delta Field/ Dekaranger
  • Magi Bolt/ Magiranger
  • Fierce Scratch/ Gekiranger


  • When Mega Man first heard about Choushinsei Flashman, the tenth Super Sentai, he immediately mistook them for the Robot Master of the same name from Mega Man 2.

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