Mecha Zangief
Origin Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter (1997)
Type Robot (formerly cybernetic clone of Zangief)
Role Enemy
Home World Earth
Other residences U.S.S.R.
Status Active
English Voice Beau Billingslea
Japanese Voice Masaharu Sato
Mecha Zangief is a cybernetic clone of the Russian Street Fighter Zangief. He has been reformatted as a Demonizer robot that transforms into a heavy tank.
Mecha Zangief 2
Mecha Zangief 3


  • Mecha Zangief's new design is inspired by a customized Transformers: Marvel Crossovers Grey Hulk figure.
  • His japanese voice is the same as Goda, a character from Fist of the North Star who at least partially inspired the real Zangief.

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