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Max Goof from Kingdom Hearts: Forever (TK2 Fan Comic Series)

George Maximillian "Maximum" Goof, Jr. (known as "Max") Is the young adult Guerilla of the Knights of the Mouse Table and Husband of one of the Court Wizards Roxanne. He is also the Son of George Goof, Sr. (known as "Goofy"). He was once good friends with P. J. since Goof Troop, until Max found out that P.J.'s dad was a Villain since Steamboat Willy straight from Moddie, Mickey's Daughter. Also, as a kid, his mother, Penny, was killed in the car accident after the Phantom Blot tipped over the can of thinner all over the middle of the Road. Max was even outraged at the Young Adult years because of the Blot.

Worlds of Change

  • Monstropolis = Werewolf
  • Halloween Town = Werewolf
  • Marlin's Ocean = Hammer Head
  • Jungle Rhythm = Leopard
  • Pride Land = Hedgehog
  • Mobius = Mobian Hedgehog
  • sunnydale = Stuffed animal
  • Equestrila = Pony (Cutie Mark = Goofy Face)


Bazoo Key


Karate Techniqes

Voice Actor

Tony Samson or some guy who did the voice of him in The Goofy Movie.

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