Master Xien
Xien fullbody
Kana マスター・シエン (Masutā Shien)
Type Somebody
Role Keyblade Master
Home World Land of Departure
Family Eraqus (grandson)
Weapon Keyblade (Light of the Masters)
Attribute Light
Status Deceased

Master Xien is a Keyblade Master in Kingdom Hearts: Arcana. Now deceased, he was the Master of Nathaniel and Flintlass and the grandfather of Eraqus.


Xien bears a striking resemblance to Master Eraqus, albeit appearing older and with grey hair minus the short high ponytail. He wears a black, red lined haori over top a black shirt and grey criss-crossing straps, along with a long grey hakama and silver and black pointed boots.


Master Xien is a hospitable man, welcoming Flintlass and Nathaniel into the Land of Departure with open arms. He is stern and willing to instruct, a trait he shares with his son. He believes light is absolute and darkness can always be conquered.

Fighting Style

Xien, as a Keyblade Master, is quite skilled with his weapon. He can use his element, Light, to a great extent, in conjunction with a series of long ranged and close quarter attacks.


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Xien's Keyblade is the same one wielded by his grandson many years later. It is passed on to him after his death.



  • Xien's name is an anagram of Enix, the second name of the series's developer, much like Eraqus is an anagram of Square and Yen Sid is Disney spelt backwards.

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