Chelsea Onn
Kana オン
Type Human
Role Keyblade Master
Legion of Keybearers
Age 35
Home World Latched Division
Weapon Unknown Keyblade
Attribute Light

Master Chelsea Onn is a character from Kingdom Hearts: Amelioratory Benevolence. A Keyblade Master and leader of the Legion of Keybearers, she is the most powerful Keyblader in existence.


Chelsea Onn was born and raised in her homeworld of Festival of Lights. At the age of 11, she had the Keyblade passed onto her by an unknown wielder. Fearing this new power, she kept it a secret until the power manifested itself at age 13, at which point the Keyblade Master at that time tracked her down and reassured her power was a blessing and not a curse. From then on, she went to live in Latched Division where she trained in the Keyblade arts, eventually passing her Mark of Mastery exam at age 21.




  • Onn's reflected real-world nationality is Irish.

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