Laura is one of the main characters in Organization Final: Before the organization. Her Nobody is Laurxa.


Laura likes to have sex with her friends, she would do anything to molest them. She enjoys playing her clitoris in her free time.


Laura wears a blue dress and black boots. She also has the green and red necklace that Mark has. She has blonde hair just above her sholders, and bright blueish green eyes. She has one gray wing(which is not shown untill somewhere near the middle of the game)

Master laura

Master Laura


At first she only uses 1 keyblade, but near the end of OF:BTO she can use 2 keyblades. Her first is the Blue Sand, which has the same style as the Wayward Wind, but different colors, blue and white. Her second is the Gray Wing, the blade is a gray wing, and the rest of it is black.


She can weild the keyblade, and she can use sand and tornado magic.

Limit breaks

Laura has one limit break called "Wind of Sand", she throws her keyblade at the enemy, creating a sand tornado that follows the enemy for a few minutes.


Early life

Laura was born in Radiant Garden. When she was 3, her cousin Mark was sent to Redwood. When she turned 6 she also went to Redwood, to train under Master Lance. She took the Master Qualification Exam at age 13 making her the second youngest person to become a master. What a special snowflake.

The Keyblade War

See Organization Final: Before the Organization


"I prefer to play the clitoris, then battle."

"The XXX-blade? That's the reason for this war? An all mighty weapon?"

"What,I don't want pizza, Mark. And ya, we should find Thomas."

"There's this Masked Kid, he says those robotic creatures, are called Gundams."

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