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Master Goken
Kana ゴーケン
Origin Kingdom Hearts: Getterborn Rising
Type Human
Role ally
Age Late teens (before Birth by Sleep)
Middle to Old age (Getterborn Rising)
Gender Male
Alignment Heroic Neutral
Home World Unknown, likely Radiant Garden or The Land of Departure
Family unnamed parents (status unknown)
currently unnamed student (status unknown)
Weapon unknown keyblade (likely the Getterblade, formerly)
Status Alive
English Voice GokaiWhite (young)

Patrick Stewart or GokaiWhite (old)

Japanese Voice Yasuyuki Kase (younger)
TBD (older)

Master Goken is a former Keyblade Master, a researcher on Getter Rays, and the creator of Gummi Kaiser.



As an older teen/young adult, Goken resembled a mix of Touji Suzuhara from Evangelion, and Go from Getter Robo Armageddon[1]. He has green eyes, black hair, and wore a red short-sleeved open vest/shirt with green chest pockets that left his midriff and the center of his torso exposed, white pants with yellow tights worn over, red forearm-length gloves, and red geta sandals. He also had the japanese kanji 剛(strong)拳(fist) painted on his bare chest.

Young Master Goken.jpg

By the events of Getterborn Rising, Goken is already an elderly man with bushy eyebrows, wearing a fully buttoned white uniform with green and yellow accents, a fully unbuttoned red lab coat, and but keeps the sandals along with tabi socks.


In his younger days, Goken was an excessively wisecracking, skirt-chasing, big-mouthed, flamboyant adolescent who liked admiring his unmentionables in the privacy his room, among other weird habits. He didn't have a strong respect for his elders(save for his parents and his hot nurse) because of their idolizing individuals Goken personally considered to be the worst people around[2], but he still took his training seriously enough to maintain his then handsome physique for the sake of his female peers. He also mentioned wanting to find ways to recover and restore hearts without abusing the Power of Waking, as well as a way to save victims of the power's abuse, showing that he has an altruistic, caring side as well; this is probably where his interest in Getter Rays and their related lore originated from.

Goken later dropped some of his eccentric habits, became a very intelligent, well renowned scientist, and is said to have been so dedicated to his research, he abandoned his fellow Keyblade Masters, taking his only pupil with him. He also held some contempt for Xehanort, though his splitting into Ansem the Dark and Xemnas, and the consequences that followed, did not dissuade Goken from furthering his own scientific endeavors.

During Getterborn Rising, Goken is living in a recluse, and though he believed the Getterborn are unstoppable and refused to directly assist Sora, he was moved to giving Aqua and Lea their own Gummi Ships to complement Sora's own, implying that he has indeed been preparing for the Getterborn Riots to a degree. Goken would also only give sensitive information to those who prove to be worthy of his trust and friendship.

He also appears to know Aqua, and is quite respectful towards her.


Goken discovered stones infused with Getter Rays in the Realm of Light roughly 20 to 25 years ago and developed a fascination with the mysterious radiation. He left the Keyblade Masters' Guild to conduct his research in a discreet location(likely in the same universe where Quadratum is located) and had not been heard from since. When the Getterborn Riots start, Benkei Kuruma informs Sora about Goken, claiming that he may know how to destroy the new menace. Unfortunately, his facility was long left in shambles by the time Sora reaches him. He refuses to help, but upon hearing that Sora has a Gummi Ship, Goken gives Aqua and Lea the Wisdom Machine and Valor Machine respectively, and Sora a secret document which he shows to Benkei. Using this information, Benkei is able to make the Gummi Pilder work with the new ships in order to form Gummi Kaiser for the first time.


Goken's name is derived from Go Nagai and Ken Ishikawa, the original authors of the Getter Robo Saga. It can also have other meanings, depending on how it is written in japanese script; the kanji form(剛拳) for example, means "Constitutionality" or "Strong Fist", the latter especially in the context of the Street Fighter series' Gouken. This particular translation also suggests that Goken relied on his fists in combat more often than whatever Keyblade he once used.


  • In regards to being named after the authors of Getter Robo, Goken is similar to Master Eel Nats. They may have also been old friends.
  • The outfits he wears in youth and in old age make him look almost like a humanized Getter Robo, and Getter Robo G respectively.
  • Goken is not only similar to Ansem the Wise, as a scientist whose research caused problems, but also a Kingdom Hearts analogue to Dr. Saotome from the Getter Robo franchise.
    • This similarity may be strengthened by the possibility that he may have studied with Ansem or someone close to the latter.
  • GokaiWhite chose Patrick Stewart as a possible candidate for Master Goken's voice because he wanted Stewart, at one point, to succeed his fellow Star Trek actor, the late Leonard Nimoy as the voice of Master Xehanort in Kingdom Hearts III, which in turn is partly because Stewart was considered for a handful of characters in Disney movies from the 90's, including Jafar and Governer Ratcliffe.
    • If Patrick Stewart passes on before Getterborn Rising can come to fruition, GokaiWhite will most likely try to portray Master Goken with an emulation of Stewart's voice.
  1. Both those characters are voiced by Tomokazu Seki, who is a Getter Robo fan, and is being considered for a role in Getterborn Rising ->
  2. Likely including individuals like (Master/Young) Xehanort, the Master of Masters, Somnus Lucis Caelum, and Tyrannus DracoRex.